Section II – Roofs and Roof Penetrations


This section is devoted to setting out standards for the repair or replacement of townhouse roofs.

II.1- General Requirements:

II.1.1 - Any expansion or modification of a townhouse roof shall comply with the International Building Code as adopted by the Village of Point Venture in effect at the time of construction.

II.1.2 -  The elimination of flat roofs, where applicable, is encouraged but is subject to the requirements contained herein.

II.1.3 -  Only "Tamko" or equal "Weatherwood", thirty year dimensional asphaltic shingles shall be used for repair and replacement.

II.1.4 - Roof pitches shall not be changed from the original configuration. Pitches for the replacement of flat roofs shall not cause the ridge of the roof to exceed the height of any adjacent townhouse.

II.1.5 - Fascias created by an eave on a pitched roof shall be painted the townhouse standard dark gray (brown).

II.2 - Roof Penetrations

II.2.1 - Fireplace flues shall be capped with a well maintained spark arrestor.

II.2.2 - Skylights, both fixed and vented, with the trim painted the fascia color are permitted.

II.2.3 - No turbine roof vents, dehumidifiers or air conditioning condensing units shall be installed on any flat or pitched roof. When replacing an existing roof mounted condensing unit, it is recommended that the unit be re-installed at ground level.  If the condensing unit is replaced on a flat or pitched roof, the new unit shall be screened from the front and/or back elevations.  Subject to approval, low profile, powered exhaust fans may be installed on the lake or golf course roof exposures.

II.2.4 - Any object that mounts to or penetrates through the roof is subject to prior approval.  No satellite dishes shall be affixed to the roof.

II.3 - Miscellaneous

II.3.1 - It is strongly recommended that gutters and downspouts be installed on those townhouses that do not have them. Further, that the rainwater be diverted or piped away from the townhouse foundation piers. The use of rain barrels will be considered on an individual basis.

II.3.2 - The use of solar panels is permitted subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.  Catalog sheets and details of the installation must be submitted in advance of any purchases or work.

Board Approved:  October 20, 2012

Revised:  July 19, 2016 

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